INTERNO is a unique social reintegration model which aims to create innovative spaces for reconciliation between prison populations and civil populations.

We empower ALL the women in San Diego Penitentiary in order to strengthen their abilities and create the necessary tools for them to reintegrate into society with dignity once they recover their freedom. Each of these women is part of INTERNO.

Being part of the gastronomic adventure that is INTERNO means arriving to a place full of hope, flavour and professionalism. Under the roof of San Diego, we bring together our Caribbean cooking with new hopes and many dreams.

Behind each of the dishes that we offer, you will find the experience of well-known masters of Colombian cuisine. They offer their knowledge so that what is served can be a great opportunity in life and in enjoyment. Cooking is an act of love and generosity.


The money collected in INTERNO is a donation which aims to improve the quality of life of San Diego’s prisoners, their families, and others who either are or were imprisoned in Colombia.

“The Acción Interna Foundation is characterised by being an organisation which leads, defends, and makes visible the rights of Colombian’s prison and post-prison populations.

We will continue to work and evolve in order to help both the currently imprisoned and those who have now been released. In this way, they can restore the links with their families, reintegrate in society, reconstruct social links, have work opportunities both inside and outside of prison, and the chances of reoffending can be minimised.

n the name of the Acción Interna Foundation, I want to thank you for believing in us, for joining our walk towards reconciliation and resocialisation, and for helping to transform the lives of prisoners, those who have been released from prison, their children and their families.

Thank you for believing in second chances!”

Johana Bahamón G.